Fire Pie Gallery

2016 is starting off with a bang! We are introducing 5 new fully custom models this year. Our New Extra Large Oven-Fireplace & Oven Combo-Linear See Thru Fireplace-Fire Table and Outdoor Kitchens.

Our Country Club model is designed for larger groups and has a larger cooking surface for those commercial customers looking to expand their menu and ROI.

Our New Oven & Fireplace Combo-this combo can be designed to fit any outdoor space.

The New Linear See-Thru Fireplace can be natural gas or propane and finished with any type of stone natural or cultured.

Our New Fire Table is begging to be sat at and is a conversation piece for any outdoor living space.

The Fully Custom Outdoor Kitchen’s are designed to fit your current space, no need to spend extra money on adding on, when we can custom manufacture specifically for you.


Let’s Talk Food!

Our wood-fired ovens brings out the inner chef in all of us.

Here are few examples of what you can make in your new wood-fired oven.






  • The GM of our Country Club wondered what happened to us because we haven't dined at the restaurant in a month. I told him it's because we love to cook steak, salmon and bread in our Fire Pie Oven.

  • It's the main "eat feature" of our entertaining now - it's been great!

  • Everybody that comes over loves the idea of making their own pizza. There's just something about making your own food and cooking it with fire that energizes people.

  • We enjoy it so much! We cook bread in it, pizzas and steak on a rock. We are going to buy a smaller one to take to the cabin at the lake so we can cook there too.

  • We cook outdoors all the time. Even when it's cold! I just bundle up to cook pizza for the grandkids.

  • We bought our oven just before Christmas and made Christmas Eve dinner in it and brunch on Christmas day. It's our new tradition now!

  • Really impressed with the quality. We never for a minute had buyers remorse or regretted our purchase because we enjoy it so much and everyone at Fire Pie has been so great.