Signature Series

These ovens are the essence of wood-fired, handcrafted excellence.


Frontier_OVENonly copyFrontier_Stand copy

The Frontier, is an award-winning oven boasting beautiful accents of river rock and a copper roof, flue, and door. The wooden stand is a sturdy, rustic base that also doubles as storage for firewood.



The Cannon has a sophisticated, contemporary design with medium subway tile accented by a stainless steel door and flue. A stainless steel stand with locking wheels adds mobility and stability, no matter the setting.

Frontier Outdoor Oven

This Frontier model features bronze stucco, a hearth of Pennsylvania ledgestone, and river rock accents. Additional stucco selections include charcoal, ivory, terra cotta, and taupe. Hearth selections include chateau, travertine, brownstone, and northern blue. You may also choose the upgrade option of either a stone wrap of Virginia ledgestone or vineyard granite.


This Cannon model features charcoal stucco, a hearth of travertine, and medium subway tile.  Additional stucco selections include bronze, ivory, terra cotta, and taupe. Hearth selections include chateau, Pennsylvania ledgestone, brownstone, and northern blue.

Stucco Color Selections

 Charcoal                  Terra Cotta             Bronze                     Taupe                      Ivory          
charcoal125Terra Cotta bronze125tonytaupe125ivory

Hearth Stone Selections

PA Ledgestone          Northern Blue        Travertine                Brownstone             Chateau 

 Tile Wrap Selections

(M) Subway Tile      (S) Subway Tile

 Stone Wrap Selections

River Rock             Virginia Ledgestone Vineyard Granite


Product Specifications

Frontier Oven FRT938 FRT948
Depth: 52″ 62″
Width: 44″ 52″
Height: 62″ 62″
Cooking Surface: 29″ D x 21″ W x 16″ H 39″ D x 30″ W x 16″ H
Weight: 1300 lbs. 2150 lbs.

Frontier Base FRT 138 FRT 148
Depth: 38″ 46″
Width: 53″ 62″
Height: 34″ 34″
Weight: 300 lbs. 400 lbs.

PACKAGE 1038 1048

Cannon Base CAN138
Depth: 38″
Width: 46″
Height: 43″
Weight: 255 lbs.

Depth: 51″
Width: 46″
Height: 90″
Weight: 1405 lbs.

Depth: 36″
Width: 33″
Height: 32″
Cooking Surface: 20″ D x 20″ W x 11″ H
Weight: 498 lbs.


  • The GM of our Country Club wondered what happened to us because we haven't dined at the restaurant in a month. I told him it's because we love to cook steak, salmon and bread in our Fire Pie Oven.

  • It's the main "eat feature" of our entertaining now - it's been great!

  • Everybody that comes over loves the idea of making their own pizza. There's just something about making your own food and cooking it with fire that energizes people.

  • We enjoy it so much! We cook bread in it, pizzas and steak on a rock. We are going to buy a smaller one to take to the cabin at the lake so we can cook there too.

  • We cook outdoors all the time. Even when it's cold! I just bundle up to cook pizza for the grandkids.

  • We bought our oven just before Christmas and made Christmas Eve dinner in it and brunch on Christmas day. It's our new tradition now!

  • Really impressed with the quality. We never for a minute had buyers remorse or regretted our purchase because we enjoy it so much and everyone at Fire Pie has been so great.