• The Granite Collection

    Featuring granite ledgestone, stucco, slate shingles and stainless steel accents.

Award winning Fire Pie wood fired ovens 100% handcrafted in the USA!

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  • The GM of our Country Club wondered what happened to us because we haven't dined at the restaurant in a month, I told him it's because we love to cook steak, salmon, and bread in our Fire Pie Oven.

  • It's the main eat feature of our entertaining now - it's been great!

  • Everybody the comes over loves the idea of making their own pizza - there's just something about marking your own food and cooking it with fire that energizes people

  • We enjoy it so much. We cook bread in it, pizzas, steak on a rock. We are going to buy a smaller one to take to the cabin at the lake so we can cook there too.

  • We cook outdoors all the time. Even when it's cold, I just bundle up to cook pizza for the grandkids.

  • We bought our oven just before Christmas and made Christmas Eve dinner in it and brunch on Christmas day. It's our new tradition now!

  • Really impressed with the quality. We never for a minute had buyers remorse or regretted our purchase because we enjoy it so much and everyone at Fire Pie has been so great.