Why Fire Pie?

Few things in life are more truly satisfying than time
spent with food and friends in the glow of a warm fire.

Fire Pie Ovens allow for the re-creation of these priceless experiences whenever the mood may strike
through the ease and functionality of our hand-crafted wood-fired ovens.

The Process

Available in an exciting array of colors, textures, and styles, Fire Pie Ovens are innovative in their design/construction and reliable in their cooking consistency and performance. This assures you a memorable food preparation experience every time you get the embers burning! Life is short and the hearth awaits, so why not bring the magic and charm of the wood-fired cooking experience home with you today? A custom Fire Pie Oven is waiting to grace your home as it brings life and special personal meaning to our simple company motto: Food • Fire • Friends

Enjoying the process of creating your own oven.

Fire Pie Ovens are completely customizable, and offer you an almost endless variety of oven styles and configurations. Enjoy the pleasure of bringing your oven to life using the specific textures, colors, and natural materials that will best enhance and coordinate with the space where it will warm your home.

The customizing process consists of three very easy steps:

  1. Choose one of our three basic oven sizes along with the oven style that you find most appealing.
  2. Choose the type of oven base and oven base material that best suits your particular oven application.
  3. Select your favorite oven options from the wide variety of custom-designed enhancements offered by Fire Pie, including oven doors, oven wheels, and specialty chimney accessories.
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