About Us


At the Fire Pie Oven Company, we are passionate about design, wood-fired cooking, and helping you enjoy your time gathered around your wood-fired oven.  Fire Pie Ovens and Stands are 100% American made. We believe in providing local employment. Everything is handcrafted with care in our facilities in Ohio.
Our company started in 2008 when our founder, Scott McMiller, started hand building ovens in Troy, Ohio, for the purpose of catering local events, parties, and graduations. Scott has over 30 years of masonry building and design experience and our staff at Fire Pie has over 100 combined years of experience in masonry building and design. We also have two full-time 3D imaging and design artists who can assist you in designing your oven and complete outdoor living spaces.

“Tens of Thousands”

Fire Pie has now served (10,000′s) of locals and the fever for Fire Pie wood-fired cooking has exploded. The demand from customers who wanted their own wood-fired pizza oven grew so much that in early 2012, we started building ovens for retail sales. In the fall of 2012, we introduced our “Complete Oven Packages”, providing a completed oven and oven stand, which provides an architectural look unlike anything seen in the wood-fired cooking industry. In March of 2013, our Frontier Oven Package won the Vesta Award from Hearth and Home in Orlando at the 2013 National Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Expo for “Best New and Innovative Outdoor Cooking Equipment.”

 “What Makes Fire Pie Ovens Different?”  

100% USA Made Ovens and Stands - All hand crafted locally in Ohio.

Unlimited Custom Options:  From a blank canvas “Raw” oven for the D.I.Y. homeowner or landscaper to our finished complete oven package with all the “Bells and Whistles” Fire Pie can provide you with.  Choose from over 1500 possible colors for your oven and stand. Want to have your oven match your house, patio, or living environment? We can add stone, brick, copper, steel, concrete, or any other element. We will be glad to work with you throughout the design and installation process to insure that your oven is custom made to fit your vision. We also provide several different oven stand options to help match the look you are wanting to achieve.

Our ovens are not “kits”. They ship completed and ready to use! With our ovens, there is no hassle of assembling an oven kit and no need to spend additional thousands of dollars on block or stone to set your oven kit. Our ovens and stands are completed in our facilities and arrive to you ready to use. Our oven bodies are completely made of a specialized, lightweight concrete with very high insulating properties. All our ovens come Fire Brick lined and with a matching touch up repair kit.

The Fire Pie Oven Company - An idea born in the USA and forged with a passion for design, wood-fired cooking, and customer satisfaction.

We invite you to discover the excitement and ambiance that a Fire Pie wood-fired oven can bring and we look forward to helping you create your own memories by the fire with family and friends.  We look forward to having you join our Fire Pie Family and experience…. FOOD - FIRE- FRIENDS

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