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Poly Concepts LLC makes every effort to support the environment with its manufacturing and shipping practices. Our entire line of outdoor furniture is constructed from a special formulated polypropylene material, Andure®, which is 100% recyclable and emits no VOC’s or toxins.

Manufacturing Process

All furniture products are manufactured in the USA. All scrap, unusable parts, and products at end of life are returned to the raw material manufacturer which are then recycled into new sheets of the Andure® polypropylene material which constitutes an average of 30% of the sheet volume.

The majority of our products are shipped knocked down on skids, not boxed; therefore reducing the large amount of packaging waste inherent in most of the furniture industry. This practice assures savings in paper waste, time and labor.


Poly Concepts LLC’s entire line of durable outdoor furniture is constructed from a special formulated polypropylene material, Andure®. The products have a satin finish and are known for the durability, cleanability and sustainability in the healthcare, hospitality, recreational and residential markets. The furniture can remain outdoors in all weather conditions.

• 10 Year Warranty • UV Resistant • Stain Resistant

• Chemical Resistant • Mildew Resistant • Substantial Weight

• Will not peel, yellow, pit, • 100% Recyclable • Emits no VOCs or toxins crack or require painting

As a company, we are committed to offering environmentally responsible products to promote the reusability and recycling ability of all our products. Recognizing that our products are manufactured from a unique material that is eco-friendly and recyclable, we have an enormous opportunity to continue to explore new options and manufacturing processes as a supplier for earth-friendly products.