7 Pool Cabana Designs You Don’t Want To Miss

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Kick your poolside experience up a notch this summer by adding a killer cabana to your outdoor living space! These practical additions provide shade, style and comfort to your outdoor living space. Before you dig into the cabana design process, there are a few important things to consider:


First, consider what you want your cabana to accomplish. Are you looking for a private escape from the sun, or do you want to entertain a group of a dozen or more friends? If you intend to serve beverages or prepare food, a kitchen island, refrigerator, sink and other appliances need to be factored into the design (and budget).


While the location will be limited to the proximity to your pool, consider the view, access to outlets or gas lines, sunlight exposure, grade and other factors that might influence your ideal placement. Some cabana designs are portable, so if you can’t decide on the perfect spot, a mobile cabana would allow you to relocate on a whim.


As with any significant home addition, check with your municipality to ensure you check with your municipality to ensure that you are staying within the local zoning regulations or to acquire the necessary permits. Larger projects, in particular, do not fall under the “easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission” umbrella. The last thing you want to do is spend time and money on a cabana design that will have to be removed for not following code.


Are you planning to include an outdoor fire feature or cooking appliances in your cabana design? Running gas and electric lines can add cost to the project, so consider the proximity to existing outlets and lines.


Your budget, climate and intended use may dictate the materials you use, but you can still plan to include certain materials that match the aesthetic of other elements in your backyard living space. While wood is the most popular by a good margin, aluminum, concrete and masonry options allow some flexibility in your designs. You can also incorporate a blend of materials, like using marble or stainless steel for countertops and wood for the rest of the structure.


Cabana Designs

While the variety of cabana designs is only limited by your imagination, there are a number of ideas that you may not see as often. Make your outdoor living space stand out with something unique:

1. Thatched Roof

The “primitive” thatched roof design is likely the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of a seaside cabana, but roof thatching material and construction can be much more impressive than your typical tiki bar. Natural and synthetic vegetation can be mixed with modern roof designs for an aesthetic that provides a taste of both worlds.

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2. The Deluxe

Plentiful seating, well-equipped kitchen area, fancy fire features and luxuriant lighting assembled together in one place can provide the ultimate resort experience without ever leaving home. Spare no expense on your outdoor living space and leave your guests begging to be invited back to your next party.

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3. Sports Bar

Take the Man Cave into the light with your very own sports bar-themed outdoor space. Nothing beats watching the big game poolside with your best buds and favorite suds. Just be careful that the focus on the TV doesn’t overtake the beautiful view around your pool.

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4. Private

If you prefer a more secluded setting, design your cabana to provide maximum privacy and intimacy for your significant other or small party. Incorporating screens, shutters and blinds allow you to choose how much light and visibility you’d like.

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5. Portable

Want the flexibility to move your cabana to different areas around your pool? Consider a portable design that might include locking wheels and lightweight construction materials. Whether you want to store the structure in an off-season or want to keep your outdoor living space as modular as possible, a portable cabana gives you the freedom to choose.

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6. Minimal

Modern designs keep your cabana simple, clean and chic. Cut to the chase with an outdoor space that conveys your sense of style and contemporary sensibility. Spare the bells and whistles to de-clutter your outdoor living space while saving on material costs.

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7. Enclosed

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces by creating an enclosed cabana. This style allows for greater control over temperature and shelter from the elements, so you can bring fancier appliances, artwork and other indoor amenities to your poolside party.

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